Brad Pitt’s New (4x5” Rangefinder) Camera

Movie Goddess Angelina Jolie made photographic news for buying Brad Pitt a couple of Littman 45 Single (4x5” rangefinder) cameras for his birthday recently. 

The Littman 45 is a based on re-egineered Polaroid 1950s/1960s-era cameras; the Littman 45 is the world’s only rangefinder/coupled parallax camera that produces a 4x5” image. 

Read all about these unique, handmade 4x5” rangefinders and see a B&W image gallery of Littman 45 images shot by the director of the hit film “300”, from Popular Photography’s Web site (Click on the two Pop Photo links, and link to Littman’s site, below):
Pop Photo on Angelina’s gift to Brad:
Pop Photo on Littman photos:
The Littman 45 Single Web site:


Hand made from 1950s-1960s-era Polaroid cameras, the Littman 45 Singles are perhaps the coolest cameras we know of. A 4x5” rangefinder? It doesn’t get much more radical than that. Black and White photographers love them. And so do movie stars, apparently.